Syracuse Collaborative Divorce Attorney
Syracuse Collaborative Divorce Attorney
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"Ms. Tamara M. Gilmore, Esq. was referred to me by another client, and now I would like to take the time to refer her to others.  As a professional business woman, I never thought that I would have a hard time navigating the legal process of my own divorce.  However, when dealing with your own personal issues, things become clouded by your emotions making it more difficult to navigate through numerous legal issues that arise.  Having a compassionate, understanding, knowledgable, and professional attorney walk me thru the legal proceedings of my divorce and child custody were essential, and I found that with Ms. Gilmore."  A.S.

"I recently went through a divorce after many years of marriage.  My opinion of divorce lawyers was not what you would consider kind after all of the stories I had heard over the years from others who had gone down this road before me.  My wife and I decided to try the collaborative law process which is how I met Tammy.  Although she was representing me, she was very kind, patient, and respectful to both my wife and I through this entire process which was very important to me.  Her level of professionalism was second to none.  She always kept me infiormed and got back to me promptly with any of my calls or emails.  I would not only recommend the collaborative law process but I will always recommend Tammy to anyone needing a competent lawyer.  She truly changed what was once my soured opinion of divorce lawyers.  If I need a lawyer again for any reason, my first call will be to Tammy.  I thank you once again for helping me through this difficult time in my life."  T.H.

"Tamara Gilmore Esq. recently represented me during the difficult process of a divorce.  She provided outstanding legal counsel during this very difficult time.  Ms. Gilmore was always well prepared, detail orientated, and provided guidance without taking over.  She was dedicated to my case, working weekends and late hours at times, going out of her way to make things easier for me.  Ms. Gilmore understood the stress and frustration that occurs during the often emotionally charged process of a divorce.  She simplified what was complicated; expedited what was laborious; and even made me smile when I wanted to cry.   I would recommend Ms. Tamara Gilmore to ANYONE who finds themselves in the unfortunate position of divorce."  J.M.

"Upon the realization that I was going to be in need of a divorce attorney, I sought the counsel and advice of Tamara Gilmore, Esq.  After listening to me explain that my wife and I were most concerned with the welfare of our children and, as well, wanting to remain civil toward one another, Ms. Gilmore suggested that we consider an approach known as collaborative divorce.  This method provided a means in which to reduce a very stressful and challenging time and enabled our family to remain intact even though we are not always together.  I cannot thank Ms. Gilmore enough for the excellent work and guidance that she provided and would recommend Ms. Gilmore to anyone in a similar position."  J.H.

"Ms. Tamara M. Gilmore, Esq. has represented me wonderfully during my recent contested divorce proceedings.  Without hesitation, I would recommend Ms. Gilmore to anyone who finds themselves needing similar representation.  Ms. Gilmore has been very caring and understanding, while at the same time confident and knowledgable of the legal issues.  From the moment I met Ms. Gillmore I felt at ease and confortable discussing such serious and at times, emotional matters.  Ms. Gilmore is a credit to the profession."  K.W.

"My collaborative divorce proceedings had broken down due to some unusual circumstances and Ms. Gilmore stepped in and took over as my lawyer, never missing a beat.  She helped us get back on track and stay focused on what was important in a fair and professional manner.  She helped me to preserve my dignity and self esteem and I am very thankful for the effort she put in for me."  G.J

"For so many years, I put off going through a divorce because I didn't want to go through what I expected to be a long, drawn out and grueling process.  When I finally decided it was time to move forward, I called Tammy Gilmore.  I could not be happier with that decision.  Tammy was quick to meet with me and pleasant from the start.  She never made me feel like a burden and explained every detail with me start to finish.  I never doubted for a moment that Tammy and her staff were not doing all they could on my behalf.  I would recommend Tammy Gilmore to anyone that is considering a divorce.  While the transition itself may not be easy, I can assure you that you will feel comfortable with Tammy, you won't have to second guess if she is doing the right thing, you will just know!"  D.M.

"I just want to thank you for all of your time and patience shown me during this time in my life.  You show a wonderful level of sensitivity to the matter of your clients while maintaining a rich level of professionalism.  Your patience and advice were much appreciated all along the way.  As difficult as this was to accept at this stage in life, it too is now very good to have it finally behind me.  Once again, thank you so very much for all of your help and support."  C.P.

"In 2008 I asked Tammy to represent me in my Child Custody and Support issues. At the time I was not happy with the law firm that was representing me and my children. As a man trying to keep full custody of my three children, Tammy was very impartial to my gender and very supportive of the facts and issues at  hand. Tammy is a no nonsense attorney. I was very impressed with her knowledge and attention to detail. Her courtroom tact was very strong but never improper. Tammy is also very forward with other matters outside her expertise that she would not take on but always gave excellent advice and pointed me in the right direction for help. She made sure my goals were pursued and worked hard to persevere in those goals. I have full custody of my children thanks to Tammy."   P.L.

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