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Syracuse Collaborative Divorce Attorney
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Child Support


At Gilmore Law Offices PLLC, we understand the competing fears that many parents face in ensuring that their children's needs are met while at the same time recognizing the realities and potential limitations of their respective financial situations.  You need reliable information as to what you can reasonably expect to receive or be obligated to pay for child support, as well as ancillary issues such as health insurance, child care, college and other expenses.


New York State applies a formula known as the Child Support Standards Act to determine the presumptively correct amount of child support required to raise a child or children. However, most support cases are not as simple as applying a formula. Rather, there is a cap on the combined parental income that must be considered and there may be factors which would make the presumptive amount unjust or inappropriate if ordered, including custody and parenting time considerations. You need a skilled lawyer who will identify and argue relevant factors on your behalf when negotiating or litigating the issues of child support. At Gilmore Law Offices PLLC, we have the knowledge and experience that can protect your interests and ensure that calculations are accurately made during this process.



Attorney Tamara Gilmore has over 21 years of experience in the negotiation and litigation of child support matters.  She thoroughly understands not only the Child Support Standards Act, but also the evolving case law and legal arguments that may warrant a deviation from the statutory guidelines to make sure that are fully aware of your legal rights and responsibilities.


In addition to helping you with the initial establishment of a child support order, Attorney Tamara Gilmore can help with child support enforcement and modification issues as they arise.


Call today to schedule a consultation to learn more about the Child Support Standards Act and what you can expect in a support award.


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