Syracuse Collaborative Divorce Attorney
Syracuse Collaborative Divorce Attorney
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Collaborative Practice


Collaborative Practice is an out-of-court cooperative process in which to resolve marital issues in a respectful and amicable manner.  It allows you to restructure your family without the stress, delay and expense inherent in traditional litigation.  Collaborative Practice provides a supportive team approachs to help families navigate their way through the difficult process of separation or divorce, promoting creative solutions and positive resolutions unique to each family situation.  It allows you to retain control over important decisions impacting your life and preserve that which remains of your relationships.


At Gilmore Law Offices PLLC, we understand that resolving marital issues collaboratively can have positive long lasting effects for the entire family, especially children.  Collaborative Practice gives parents the opportunity to address the needs of their children and come up with a workable structure for future co-parenting in a setting that encourages them to work together in the interest of the children, rather than fight one another to protect their separate interests.


Because Collaborative Practice is designed to be less time consuming, less expensive and less confrontational than traditional litigation, clients are better able to focus on pertinent issues and learn to work cooperatively both during and after the separation or divorce.



Attorney Tamara Gilmore is a strong advocate for Collaborative Practice as the preferred method for most families contemplating separation or divorce.  She has the necessary training, skills and extensive experience in Collaborative Practice to help you achieve your goals.  Attorney Tamara Gilmore is an active member of CNY Collaborative Family Law Professionals, Inc., previously serving as President on the Board of Directors and multiple committees, as well as a member of International Academy of Collaborative Professionals.  


Call today to schedule a consultation to learn more about Collaborative Practice and the benefits that it can provide to you and your family.  For more information about Collaborative Practice, please visit

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