Syracuse Collaborative Divorce Attorney
Syracuse Collaborative Divorce Attorney
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Modification and Enforcement



A judgment of divorce or order can impose obligations on parties for years to come.  At Gilmore Law Offices PLLC, we understand that circumstances can change over time and those obligations may no longer be realistic or appropriate.  There are many different reasons that a modification of a judgment of divorce or family court order may be warranted. The needs and schedules of parents and children can change over the years.  At times, a change in custody or parenting time arises due to changes in work, relocation, remarriage or other change of circumstances. The Child Support Standards Act now provides for periodic adjustments of child support.  Further, a parent may experience a long period of unemployment or disability that greatly affects his or her income and ability to support the children, or perhaps there are now college expenses that were not addressed in the underlying order.  When such circumstances arise, it is important to achieve the appropriate modifications in a timely and efficient manner. 




Judgments of divorce and Family Court orders of custody and child support are binding court orders.  When a parent or former spouse is not meeting his or her obligations under a judgment of divorce or court order, New York law provides for means of enforcement.  Enforcement disputes can be quite contentious so it is important that you have an experienced attorney by your side to guide and support you through the process.  




Attorney Tamara Gilmore provides reliable advice and effective counsel to ensure that the appropriate modifications are made within a timely fashion when circumstances change.  When you need help in enforcing an order or have been targeted in an enforcement action, Attorney Tamara Gilmore can help you understand your options, protect your interests and pursue a favorable outcome.


Call today to schedule a consultation to discuss whether your circumstances warrant a modification or enforcement of an exisitng judgment of divorce or order.  

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