Syracuse Collaborative Divorce Attorney
Syracuse Collaborative Divorce Attorney
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Custody and Parenting Time



At Gilmore Law Offices PLLC, we know how important custody and parenting time is to you. If you have minor children, you want to be actively involved in their upbringing and make sure that they are properly cared for -physically, emotionally and financially.  Attorney Tamara Gilmore has gained a keen insight into the dynamics of families and has the expertise to help families work through the many issues of custody and parenting time in a way that will protect the best interests of the children in spite of the family conflict. 


It is almost always in a child's best interest for the parents to come to a mutual agreement about child custody and parenting time, rather than leave that decision up to a judge. Attorney Tamara Gilmore encourages creative solutions and resolutions to minimize the likelihood of a lengthy and unpleasant court battle.  As a strong advocate of Collaborative Practice, she has the skill and experience necessary to achieve workable child custody and parenting outcomes that protect the rights of the client and promote the best interests of the child. 



The custody or parenting schedule that you enter into will have an impact on every day of your and your child's lives. Often, how a case starts has a huge impact on the final results so you want to make smart decisions from day one. Attorney Tamara Gilmore helps her clients set realistic expectations. She has the negotiation skills necessary to enable her to obtain workable solutions that are acceptable to both parents.


It is important that the initial parenting plan include enough detail to guide parents in day-to-day matters involving the parenting of their child.  When such details are left out, it leaves room for conflict or costly returns to court.  Attorney Tamara Gilmore has extensive experience in negotiating parenting plans, as well as the skill and knowledge necessary to assist you during a child custody battle if necessary.



Attorney Tamara Gilmore knows how important your child is to you. She will provide you with the counsel, support and advocacy that you require to address your concerns for your child, so that his or her best interests are given the priority they deserve. Attorney Tamara Gilmore will aggressively advocate to maximize your role in your child's life, while at the same time helping you to set realistic expectations.


Call today to schedule a consultation to discuss your custody and parenting issues and concerns.

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